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Hi there! I'm just your average twenty-something looking for the next step. I've been called smart, funny, witty, geeky, deep, cool and all in all a good guy to be around. In the meantime here are my thoughts. Most of them are random, but expect a lot about girls, work, technology, sports, douchebags, wrestling and whatnot......a lot of whatnot. So enjoy!

Never fear!

Still alive! Just busy as hell working an 8-5 (off weekends).

5 semesters later I finally did it! Alex Wisniewski, MBA!

5 semesters later I finally did it! Alex Wisniewski, MBA!

Tumblr iPad app

So with the Tumblr app now optimized to handle the iPad, guess who might be blogging actively again?



Don’t worry, the glasses are fake! 

Well, first off, really really sorry that I haven’t been on here for a LONG, LONG time! Life has been pretty busy with me trying to finish up my last semester of grad school, work and other things this blog has fallen on the way say. Also, with sites like Twitter and Instagram, I’ve been utilizing that more just because really I just only had time to do status updates and not full out blog posts like I used to do in the past. But I’m still going keep this blog going, but expect my post to be few and far between. If there’s a way I could have my Tweets or my Instagram photos to be sent to my blog, I’ll utilize it.

But, just a quick life update. As I mentioned earlier, I’m trying to finish up my last semester of my MBA program. It’s hard, especially since I can’t get anything lower than a B- in order to graduate, haha! But I’m very excited to be done and begin the next phase of my career and life. Still with Bank of America. I’ve made HUGE leaps and bounds with my career there. Established great connections, and really for the first time in my work life I can truly be myself and everyone likes me for it. With my MBA, I hope to do something with the Bank, but we’ll see.

Still in Maple Heights and in the same place we have been for the last two years. I don’t know if we’ll move yet, but with me finishing up grad school (a running trend in this post, haha!) I hope we stay put until early next year. Though I did have my high school reunion about three weeks ago. Nice little turn out (only a little over 30, thanks Facebook!), but it was good seeing people that I haven’t seen in a while.

Still single, though I did date a few times, but again, with grad school kind of made it hard to go out and study at the same time. Same thing with my friends. I usually see them, MAYBE once a week, but we up thru social media so we always know what’s going on.

Other than that, let’s see. Gotten into collecting art prints, still running (but not as much as I used to), lost 15lbs, still have the Fusion, still play video games when I have the time, became avid tshirt collector, haha! And I’m a proud owner of nice little entertainment center with a Panasonic 50” plasma with 3D. Other than that, nothing too exciting has changed since I posted last time.

But like I said, I’ll still post on here. Just expect the posts to be very less frequently. If anything major happens. I’ll definitely keep everyone posted! Later! 

This pic has all my favs, hot chicks, comic book characters and cats!

This pic has all my favs, hot chicks, comic book characters and cats!

Sara Jean Underwood is so hot!

Sara Jean Underwood is so hot!

Draft Predictions for My Teams

Browns- As much as I joke around that the Browns are going to trade twenty times in the first round, my gut feeling says they will actually use the #4 pick no matter if Richardson is off the boards, (I hear the Jets are a knocking). Though to be honest if the Browns draft anyone with the last name Richardson or Blackmon, I’ll be pretty content with this draft. For #22 I’ll go with one of the receivers, that are left (Floyd or Wright). I don’t see the Browns taking a qb in the first round, though I wouldn’t be shocked if you hear Brandon Weeden’s name in the second or third round. Probably the second, because well they are the Browns.

Cowboys- Word on the street is that the Cowboys are interested in moving up or down. If it’s up, it’s for Mark Barron. If it’s down, it’s for someone from Alabama cause let’s face it, anyone from Alabama was fucking awesome this year….. including the water boy.

Broncos- They signed Peyton Manning this season. I think they won this draft!  

Blonde hair, light blue eyes. My fav!

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Blonde hair, light blue eyes. My fav!

Random Thought of the Day

What if you died and went to heaven, and the process to get into heaven was like a job interview? The angel at the gate is like HR And after the “interview” the HR angel was like, “Thank you for your time. We’ll be in touch!”